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when life knocks you down..


you’re in a perfect position to pray.



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Dear Gi;

eternity will never be enough for me
and eternally we’ll live our infallible love…

so, in case I never said it right,
you mean the world, the stars, and in-between
I make an effort to write melodies
around all the sides of me that there have been.
so please forgive me, if you can,
cuz really all we are in life is who we’ve loved
just know, my words are all i have,
and they are all for you, i hope they are enough

so please take the worst of me, cuz it’s the best that I can do.

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Sonia was a little girl

who was never okay.

because one day she had to say, go forever.

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Sonia was a little girl

who said it’s going to be okay.




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fucking backstabber.

ba3atni 7ag habbat’ha elyideeda, galat asrary 3ashan tfooz thiqat ely jidamha.

bas 3ady..

makhasart wayed ana,,, ma khasart..

karma.. i’m waiting.


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Song of The Day;

MUST Listen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when she says



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my side of the story;

so.. i was standing at my booth, trying to sell some of those CDs i worked a long night putting together.. then she came.. i got a vibe .. from her smell, and her teeth.. i wanted to sell those CDs so bad, but she wasn’t easy.. i had to convince her why she had to buy them.. although she had one in her left hand; i knew she wanted.. it was the techno CD… it had a mix of old and new songs.. anyways.. she started talking.. with so much hand gesture.. and it was as though she was trying to prove something.. i didn’t know what it was..she talked and commented alot.. as she did i got involved with her choice of words.. and i don’t know why it felt as though i had to defend myself from them.. kept pushing them back, trying to prove a point..

she talked more..

and more..

and it was nice..

she left..

and then came back to get that cd..






business card..

and that was the last time i saw her.. or heard of her..

she sometimes crossed my mind.. i wondered where she was..


then i found her..

online… 🙂


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