my side of the story;

so.. i was standing at my booth, trying to sell some of those CDs i worked a long night putting together.. then she came.. i got a vibe .. from her smell, and her teeth.. i wanted to sell those CDs so bad, but she wasn’t easy.. i had to convince her why she had to buy them.. although she had one in her left hand; i knew she wanted.. it was the techno CD… it had a mix of old and new songs.. anyways.. she started talking.. with so much hand gesture.. and it was as though she was trying to prove something.. i didn’t know what it was..she talked and commented alot.. as she did i got involved with her choice of words.. and i don’t know why it felt as though i had to defend myself from them.. kept pushing them back, trying to prove a point..

she talked more..

and more..

and it was nice..

she left..

and then came back to get that cd..






business card..

and that was the last time i saw her.. or heard of her..

she sometimes crossed my mind.. i wondered where she was..


then i found her..

online… 🙂



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3 responses to “my side of the story;

  1. psychoorigin

    7elu this side b3d.xx

  2. aestheticsoul

    a friend.

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