it gets so hard to walk away..

He disappears and then I’m better off without heart doesn’t hurt, but then he appears suddenly without a warning, then he stays on my mind for days..

He keeps sending me songs that remind him of me. And it hurts, not because I really liked him, but because he’s the first guy in years I really let in. He’s hurt me twice in a row, and I forgave him.. He pushed me, and he’s trying to bring me back by my weakest point, his weapon; music. But no, I’m out of chances, and there won’t be a third chance, despite the fact that I really want him back, his talk and his laughter..

He was so understanding and funny, and he had the same taste in music, he was that type of guythat IS really hard to find. He always found a way to make smile after he’s scratched a wound on my heart..  

I think it’s best if I move on..




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2 responses to “it gets so hard to walk away..

  1. Happy :)

    i think so too.

  2. aestheticsoul


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