“come live with me in paris!”

i went out today with one those friends

do you know those people ely you meet and the minute you meet them you see yourself through them? like their actions and everything? yeah, she was one of those people.. it’s so funny yet weird, cus at first i don’t think she really liked me.. but now i can actually see she’s trying.. i wonder if she sees in me what i see in her; a true reflection.



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4 responses to ““come live with me in paris!”

  1. Leo

    I know what you mean it feels nice.. REFRESHING :]

  2. aestheticsoul

    esp. if she’s trying.. it’s fun..

  3. Happy :)

    i want to come with you to paris.
    also, i met a person. i did not see myself in them but, i saw alot of things, feelings, emotions, beliefs , that we shared.
    i saw how little and big things effect her.
    i saw how she cares.
    i saw how she notices things.
    i knew she understood the moment i met her.
    that’s why i let her in , the moment i met her.
    and now since i’ve met her i see more things about her. one “7irs” me but never pushes me away , others that i just keep thinking of and they make me realize how amazing that person is. 🙂
    she made me smile.
    she still does.
    that’s how special the moment i met her was.

  4. aestheticsoul

    that’s wonderful.

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