can we fall in love with more than one person at a time?

he said yes.



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  1. Meticulous

    hmm..good question.
    not to be all sappy and romantic and shit..
    but honestly if it was real love the kind that 3abdul majeed sings about hehe then i think it can only go to one person

    but i say your still young, so enjoy :p

  2. NO!! 😛 .. ana one person o khaba 3umre 3alaih and its MORE THAN ENOUGH.. hal dour 2?!?! .. shal galb hatha ele e7ebla 2 ? 😛 ana wa7ed o mani gadra a7eba.. magool ela allag e3eeenech

  3. aestheticsoul

    Meticulous: immm … yeah i agree.. kind of, and i’m not in love so, no joy there ;p…

    Sh7afana: hahahhaha intay ely allah y3eniich hun, im love-free at the moment, no guy in my life, and i was just wondering if it’s possible :p imm yeah..

  4. aestheticsoul

    hah, very indesicive!

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