I long for that sweet poisoned scent all over your tainted body,
As you lay naked and restless in between my arms,
I liberate you from your imprisoning conscious,
I compel you to listen to those voices you’ve been ignoring.

Lately I’ve been detecting your double-meaning facial expressions,
They scare me; now you scare me, spiders of horror crawl on to me..
Warm, yet cold, now you make me shiver,
Frightened of breaking your fragile heart,
Afraid of hypnotizing you, one more time, for I know my effect on people..

It was hard bringing your guards down, took me days to unwind you,
Now I see you, boundless beauty, shining through me..
And it’s all mine now, your thoughts, your body, your chained soul..




Filed under poetry.

2 responses to “owned.

  1. powerful, loved many lines, dove into some others.
    some i couldn’t help but see, like on tv.
    i think my facial expressions altered along the reading! 8awe

  2. aestheticsoul

    mashkkourraa! 🙂

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